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We had been with two different providers for three years and had in-house staff and we just couldn’t find consistency in the delivery of our IT until we partnered with Avatar Managed Services. The comanaged model we have with them works well as we rely on Avatar to provide a mature set of tools and technology to manage our environment, they manage our security program and provide analytics showing engagement of our highly mobile employee base while providing the framework for our onsite staff to work within.

Our industry mandates that we be CMMC compliant. We hired Avatar to manage our IT but as we had to become CMMC compliant, it was of great value we could lean on Avatar to manage those requirements for us.

Being PE backed, our firm is growing exponentially both in staff and locations. We initially engaged AVATAR to perform analysis and vendor due diligence for our new phone system and contact center. That was a good experience so when we need to consolidate network services for over 40 locations, we turned to AVATAR again and they helped secure a new partner at great savings. As we continued to scale, we contracted Avatar for managed services, including our SOC. They have earned our trust with each project.

We have been with AVATAR for 17 years. It hasn’t always been perfect, but it has been consistently good and when we had an issue, we got their full attention. What I like best about them Is not only are they highly responsive, but they also consistently deliver reports and meet with us quarterly to help us plan for the future.