IT Services

Empowering People Through Technology

Capabilities Harnessed to Achieve your Organizational Objectives

AVATAR is a modern-day managed service provider which means we manage infrastructure, operations, security, and compliance while driving operational efficiency and providing continuity for businesses of all types. While most service providers are focused on the micro, we look at the macro. Our process is designed to onboard in a way that enhances your environment, drives efficiency, and then defines the strategic touchpoints necessary to drive operational maturity and scale. We consider each client’s unique situation and deliver services and solutions tailored to meet your requirements and expected outcomes:
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Defined optimization plan
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved employee productivity with Prodoscore
  • Omnichannel support


Managed IT Services

We assess your IT infrastructure quarterly, develop a long-term strategy, and proactively manage all your systems to increase employee productivity and reduce risk.

Managed Cybersecurity

We’ll protect your systems, educate your team, and then respond to and remediate cybersecurity issues.

Security Risk & Compliance

We will implement the systems and controls required to protect your assets using the industry frameworks, and manage compliance to ensure you are meeting the standards that a third party has set forth.

Consulting & Project Management

From a simple infrastructure refresh to complex business intelligence and workflow needs, we provide a one-stop shop for system design, integration, and project management.

Modern Communications

Telecommuting is no longer a choice for many workers. It’s a necessity. AVATAR has the expertise to help you build a modern and collaborative workplace with the latest voice, video, and collaboration.

Human Capital Management

Visibility into daily activity means leaders can better understand performance and productivity trends over time, using quantitative and qualitative data to better predict business outcomes.