The AVATAR Advantage

Proactive Support, Measurable Results, and Standards-Based

Providing clients with a vision of what and how to use technology to empower their business.

Unlike most service providers who will monitor your systems and provide support when problems arise, the AVATAR Advantage is a documented process that drives optimization to stabilize the environment and then includes proactive touchpoints for defining alignment to standards and a roadmap for the future. That means:

  • We assess your IT health quarterly by measuring over 300 specific metrics against industry best practices. The resulting Technical Assessment Score (TAS) is a measurable key performance indicator that we track with you, targeting improvements over time.
  • We work with you annually to create a strategy and roadmap that outlines near-term and long-term requirements, and we track our overall progress against that plan.
  • We assign a virtual CIO (vCIO) who is accountable to you for your overall IT needs. Your vCIO ensures that everything is running smoothly, that your systems are proactively managed, and that you have a single executive-level interface responsible for your success.
  • We proactively maintain your IT systems on an ongoing basis to improve your overall system health.
  • We respond to issues immediately, with best-in-class average resolution times.
  • Our fees are predictable, inclusive, and not based on the number of incidents that we resolve, assuring we must be proactive. We align our goals with yours – providing reliable, safe, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure that adds value to your business.

AVATAR Client Project Lifecycle

About Us

Proactive Service. Measurable Results.

  • AVATAR client retention rate = 97% (industry is between 82% – 88%)
  • The average incident per user ratio drops from 1.5 incidents per month to .5 after 90-day onboarding

Why Now?

Consider the Cost of Waiting

  • The cost of higher security and reliability is minimal when compared with the cost of an incident and leaving your business at risk.
  • Proactive Managed IT Services are an investment that will prove to be not only cost-effective but will save money with pre-planning.

AVATAR Provides Value