IT Consulting & Project Management


We work closely with you up-front to plan out your overall IT strategy so that all project work supports the overall direction. Your plan will define the target end state for your IT environment and outline the implementation tasks, timelines, and budgets to close any gaps. Any additional projects that we undertake over time will also map into your over-arching IT plan so that the business objectives and overall requirements are well understood. Along the way, you will be supported by a team of project managers and staff who check in and report out weekly, keeping your plans and any impact on the overall IT roadmap up to date as your business grows.

Planning your IT Strategy & Roadmap

When it comes to technology projects, it seems like there’s always a moving deadline – and it’s never in the direction you want it to be going. Strategic IT decisions take training and IT know-how, yet the top two reasons IT projects fail are lack of confidence and confusion. Whether your needs are modernizing existing infrastructure and applications or implementing new systems, if you want to complete IT projects on time and within budget, consider teaming up with AVATAR.

IT Project Management

Whether we’re updating your current infrastructure or deploying new systems and applications, we will assign a project lead that is responsible for executing each project on time and according to budget. We’ll provide you with daily and weekly reporting that outlines key tasks performed, issues, and any items needing approval for implementation. As your organization grows and becomes more complex, our team will be right there with you to handle each detail, so you can continue to focus on your business.

Your vCIO

Large enterprises have Chief Information Officers who are executive-level team members and bridge the gap between corporate business goals and IT systems. Smaller growth-stage businesses have the same need but generally can’t afford such an executive role. The role falls typically to internal staff who may not be IT experts but must take time away from managing the business.

As part of the AVATAR Advantage, we will assign a virtual CIO to your company who brings business management experience along with technical knowledge. While the AVATAR team provides proactive management and support, your vCIO will be your single point of contact for planning, program oversight, and ensuring that everything we do supports your business objectives.


Whether you are modernizing existing IT systems or deploying new, AVATAR will properly scope, plan for, and implement projects on-time and within budget.

it consulting & project management capabilities

Cloud Computing

Scale Your Business Securely Without Costly IT Physical Infrastructure. Our team members are experts in planning for and implementing cloud projects. Whether you are migrating existing systems or starting anew, we can help. We are experts in Microsoft Azure®, Microsoft 365®, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams®.

Application Migration

Business Applications are Constantly Changing.
For 30 years, AVATAR has implemented applications on-premises, hosted, and in the cloud. We bring a wide range of front- and back-office application experience including ERP, accounting & billing, sales automation, legal and contract management, construction management, and more. Let us help you get maximum advantage from your investments into business application software.

Asset Management

Up to 30% of an IT Budget can be saved by effective asset management. Source: Gartner Getting the most return from your IT investments starts with a clear and regularly-updated view of your hardware, and software assets. Most business don’t know what they own, where their assets are and who is using them. We will manage your licenses, usage tracking, assess asset life, and administer your entire inventory of technology assets.

Information Management

Employees, partners, and suppliers increasingly expect to communicate and collaborate digitally. At the same time, the amount of information we all need keeps growing exponentially. AVATAR will help you to easily find, share, and collaborate whether in your office in the field, or when working remotely.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Dashboards

Gain Business Insights from your Data with dashboards and visual reports using tools such as PoweBI and BrightGage.
  • Data cleansing
  • Data architecture design
  • BI Dashboards and visual reports

End-User Roll-Out & Training

Managers and IT departments often rush to deploy the latest and greatest software without considering the need to train end-users in its use. A scalable end-user training strategy will make your new software deployment both more cost-effective and a happier experience for everyone involved.

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