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With the growth of the cloud, working “anywhere, everywhere” was a giant experiment even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, for many workers, the primary interface to the enterprise culture is now their screens. It’s a radical shift that most organizations have only started to think through.

There are so many ways to communicate in a business. Whether it’s online or over the phone, everyone needs a way to get in touch. AVATAR utilizes Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)  to keep the workplace integrated when everyone is spread out. There are five major components of UCaaS: voice, video, messaging, collaboration, and the cloud. The point of using UCaaS is to give employees more ways to collaborate and give managers access to their employees’ workflows. Everyone can strategize to make operations more efficient. Additionally, the many communication options give customers a better experience. Finally, a UCaaS system is easily scalable. The cloud system makes it easy to scale up with very little fuss. Instead of buying new hardware, all you need is more online storage.

Organizations have recognized the efficiency, scalability, resilience, and performance that platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace bring. But as they adapt their infrastructure strategies for the emerging Cloud Continuum, cloud migrations in the workplace are accelerating—with each unique project having its own complexity.

With the all-encompassing approach to communications and collaboration, Microsoft Teams is fast becoming an industry standard and AVATAR has the knowledge and understanding to successfully deploy it for your team.


We specialize in leveraging 3CX and Microsoft Teams® but can also manage and support a wide range of VoIP systems.


Your customer expects to interact with you on their own terms: where, when, and how they prefer. In today’s landscape, optimal communication services are a competitive advantage.

Modern Communication Capabilities

Voice Communications

Hosted VoIP systems that provide crystal-clear voice quality. Communicate with business-class features from any location using your telephone handset or any remote computer.

Video Communications

Full HD-quality video communications, meetings, and web conferences. Team collaboration tools like screen sharing, break-out rooms, whiteboarding, and more.

File & Chat Collaboration

Collaborate and share documents in real-time. Synchronize files and backup automatically to the cloud. Chat live with employees and others.

Unified Application Support

Seamlessly integrate business applications, including Microsoft Office applications, for scheduling and working more effectively. Modernize your IT infrastructure, data, and applications to cost-effectively scale as your business grows.

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