Consider the Cost of Waiting

The cost of higher security and reliability is minimal when you are proactive

  • How many IT support problems come up in a month? What would it save your employees in time and frustration if that went down by half?
  • Have you experienced a successful cyber intrusion? Consider the lost productivity of that event, any service provider costs, equipment, or software changes.
  • How much time does your staff spend dealing with hardware, software, cloud, and network support staff? What is that cost?
  • Many small and mid-size businesses have senior leadership staff overseeing IT strategy and resolving issues. Wouldn’t their time be better spent on driving the business?
  • When was the last time that you or your staff experienced delays in project work because of unexpected IT issues? Who was affected? What did the lost productivity cost?


A managed services partner’s expertise and their ability to efficiently solve IT challenges, organizations should help you see significant cost saving by filling the skills gap and avoiding extended downtime, lag time and recurring IT issues.

Source: Upwork & Gartner 2022


Managing the Change

Even though the urgency may be high, new clients sometimes tell us they are hesitant to make a change. Here are some of the most common reasons:
If you have already started the project we’re happy to provide advice if things don’t progress as you would like.
We see this more than we would like. IT providers try to keep themselves more sticky to you by locking you into a lease and making money from the hardware. Avatar will only connect you with finance companies if purchasing outright isn’t an option.
The cost to change now for higher security and reliability is minimal when compared with the potential cost of an incident that leaves your business at risk.
We regularly work with onsite IT staff. The days are long gone when one person could effectively manage an entire business network. One person is unable to single-handedly manage help-desk, proactive measures, project management, and security. AVATAR will provide you with a team of skilled professionals who each have expertise in their respective areas.
Proactive Managed IT Services are an investment that will prove to be not only cost-effective but will save money with pre-planning. Let us show you how AVATAR’s roadmap will produce quantifiable, and measurable results for your bottom line.
We will create a transition plan so that you, your current provider, and our staff are all on the same page. It’s also important to point out that as part of working with AVATAR, we develop and completely document your IT infrastructure and keep that documentation up to date. In this way, you will be prepared for any staffing or provider changes in the future.