Solve Problems Before They Arise With Proactive IT Management

Information Technology professionals are quite accustomed to solving problems as they arise, but what if there was a way to prevent an issue from arising in the first place? An IT professional who scrambles to remedy the operational fallout from low disc space or even a security breach is acting reactively, whereas proactive IT support aims to eliminate this operational chaos by recognizing — and attending to — potential problems before they get the chance to lead to an issue. 

A simple analogy demonstrating the importance of proactive IT support is a glass of water sitting at the edge of a table within the sightline of a cat. While a reactive pet owner would be resigned to cleaning up the shards of glass and pool of water after the cat inevitably swats it over the edge, a proactive one would simply move the glass. With productivity, employee satisfaction, and even company security on the line, IT stakes are far higher than a few pieces of broken glass; and the need for proactive IT support is much greater. 

Proactive vs. Reactive IT Support

Before diving into the benefits of a proactive IT management strategy, allow us to draw a comparison between proactive and reactive thinking as it pertains to information technology. Reactive IT places emphasis on repair, relying on users to report issues before an IT professional can swoop in and (hopefully) save the day. With a proactive IT strategy, however, an IT support team focuses on mitigating potential problems before those problems worsen — lessening the impact on productivity and employee satisfaction.

It is clear by now that adopting a proactive IT strategy is the way to get the most out of information technology. Below, the team at Avatar Computer Solutions has outlined a few ways to utilize proactive IT management to greatly reduce the severity, frequency, and financial impact of IT issues — thus maximizing ROI on IT spend while limiting interruptions to business. 

A Proactive IT Management Strategy Tailored to Your Organization

Just as no two businesses are exactly the same, proactive IT support strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, effective proactive IT management is adapted to the nuances of the organization — resulting in an approach designed with maximum effectiveness in mind. The dedicated account managers at Avatar Computer Solutions ensure proactive IT strategies are set up for success by building a data-driven plan catered to the unique business situation, proactively closing gaps along the way to reduce the likelihood of incident. 

Test Regularly to Reduce Risk

Scoring according to 322 possible indicators, the team at Avatar Computer Solutions conducts regular assessments of each IT environment compared to industry best practices. This careful monitoring results in a proactive IT support strategy which will ultimately reduce loss of productivity due to downtime while increasing employee satisfaction. With regular assessments, a little proactive thinking can go a long way toward eliminating IT risks. 

Opt for Co-Managed IT Services

While identifying gaps, assessing regularly, and adopting a custom IT plan all help organizations make strides toward a more proactive approach to information technology, having a team of experts on standby is the final piece of the puzzle. Through co-managed IT services, organizations with existing IT staff can call on the experts at Avatar Computer Solutions for support as needed. Whether in the form of oversight on a single project, or a vCIO to provide guidance on larger integrations, co-managed IT services from Avatar ensure that organizations have the support they need to continue operating without a hitch. 

Start Thinking Proactively

Considering the average IT project — like the type resulting from thinking reactively — tends to exceed budget by 45%, many organizations can’t afford not to utilize a proactive IT strategy. Therefore, to ensure that operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and ROI are all maximal, organizations must begin adopting proactive approaches to information technology. 

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